Free your authentic voice (Avi Adir)

Weekend specials, Avi Adir!

“Unleash your authentic voice and awaken your musical spirit with Avi Adir’s vocal workshop. Avi is a nomadic musician and multi-instrumentalist who has been touring the world with his concerts and vocal workshops for over a decade.
In this workshop, Avi will guide you through a powerful breathing technique that helps you control your voice and synchronize it with the breath of life. You’ll explore the healing power of vocalization and learn to use your voice as a musical instrument for free flow improvisation.
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this workshop is for you. No prior experience with singing or playing an instrument is required. Discover how your voice can express your core being and connect you with others through waves vibrations. Explore tonality and rhythm to enable your voice to dance in a more authentic and rooted flow.
Join Avi for a musical vocal breath experience that will awaken your neglected musical nature. Sign up now and free your authentic voice.

Avi Adir’s music is a fusion of composition and improvisation, born from a deep connection to the vibrations of the world. His ancient Sufi spirit blends with a divine connection, creating a mystical gateway for the listener to exit their mind and enter the path of the soul and heart. With a majestic use of authentic voice and a variety of instruments, including Bouzouki, Bansuri, Duduk, and Harmonica, Avi carries his audience into a celestial realm. His music is a magnificent free-flow sound-garden that touches and inspires the listener’s creativity and musicality. Avi’s decades of experience as a musician have made his concerts a holistic entertainment, ranging from concert halls and festivals to yoga and spiritual events.

Voor wie?

Dit is een open level workshop. Ervaring met zingen of het spelen van een instrument is niet vereist.


Op zondag 13 augustus 2023 van 11:00-17:00 is de workshop Free your authentic voice.


Voor een combinatieticket (lunch en workshop) betaal je € 75

Je plek reserveer je hiernaast, via de knop “boeken”

Het evenement is afgelopen.


13 aug 2023


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