Hymns Of Renewal

Transform with ‘Hymns of Renewal’
A 4-day entheogen-assisted retreat by Katharsis Journeys, July 18-21, 2023, in the Netherlands.
Immerse in a fusion of ancient traditions & modern science through two truffle ceremonies, yoga, art therapy, meditation, breathwork, and cold therapy.
Our focus is on safety, ensuring every individual’s journey is personally guided and cared for by a team of doctors, professional musicians and keepers of ancient traditions.
Listen to our past participants:
“The experience of Katharsis Journeys brought me years worth of therapy in terms of healing and growth…” – Diana
“After just 5 days, I had the equivalent of a month’s rest and I returned more equipped to deal with the challenges of my work…” – Jonathan
“The way in which the Katharsis team genuinely combines modern scientific knowledge with the age-old traditions of the use of plant medicines is particularly strong…” – Steven
Ready to transcend?
Limited spots available for this transformative journey.
Book now and start your journey towards renewal:
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18 - 21 jul 2023


08:00 - 18:00

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